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Nobody's Done It Longer

Fast Grind is the proven leader for "in-office" lens production. Since our first installation over 15 years ago, Fast Grind has outlasted seven casting/molding systems. All customers are up-to-date with being able to process all the new lens designs, Fast Grind will never become obsolete thanks to regular software updates. Fast Grind has hundreds of satisfied customers in over 45 countries around the world.

Kris Lind, OD, Palm Coast, FL
"For 15 years I had a full surfacing lab at my practice. I found the maintenance, operation and hassle of training new lab technicians to be a headache. Two years ago I switched to the Fast Grind system and have been very satisfied. I am impressed with Fast Grind’s wide channel progressive lens, ADDvantage. Converting my high end progressive wearers to the ADDvantage lens is easy and very cost effective".

Gary Brush, OD, Metropolis, IL
"I had been looking for a lens with high quality optics like the Kodak Unique and Precise I had been wearing, but at a more competitive price. After wearing the ADDvantage progressive lens, I liked the optics so well that I purchased the Fast Grind System. Also, Fast Grind gives me controlled production time, controlled quality and competitive pricing which is needed to compete in today's tough economy. Fast Grind and ADDvantage are simply the best!".

Mark Aginsky, OD, Bellingham, WA
"Because we only dispense high end products,our cost of goods has been rising at an alarming rate. Before investing in Fast Grind, to lower our costs, I had to make sure the lens product would meet our standards. did a ‘blind test’ with the ADDvantage progressive and it was comparable to other premium lenses.I bought the Fast Grind system and we now produce the same quality high end progressive for 1/10th the cost."

Columbia Eye Center, Lake City, FL
"We have been using the Fast Grind system for 11 years and the company is always updating the system to keep us current.  We just starting using the new ADDvantage progressive and find that it comes very close in clarity and comfort to the Zeiss ID lifestyle, for the price it is a compelling lens to choose.  We were paying 20x more for the same quality of lens.  Fast Grind is the most profitable instrument that we have purchased for the practice".

Greg Bogart, Optician, Bogart Vision Care, Shelbyville, Illinois
"The Advantage Lens is the low cost alternative to the more expensive name brand lenses. We have switched our Varilux Comfort patients with no adaptation issues. ‘Seeing is believing’ and it is proven by comparing the lens map of the of the Advantage Lens along with the drastic cut in lab bills".

Laura Keith – Shelbyville Eye Care – Tennessee
"This is Laura Keith Dr. Dale Hasty's daughter. I must say I absolutely LOVE the Fast Grind system. The week that I came back to work is the week Dr. Hasty took my mom, brother, and sister to Ireland so needless to say I was just a little busy. After he got back it freed me up a little to learn more about the Fast Grind and I've been searching for any job we can possibly do on it ever since! I've messed up a few but its going great!"

Mark Kramer - Brookneal Optical - Virginia
"After using a water bath casting system and the Innotech system, I could not be happier with Fast Grind. The quality is far superior to casting systems. Plus, unlike casting, it allows me to give my patients a thinner lens. Other systems may allow you to offer fast service but Fast Grind offers me more; it gives me better quality, more lens types (which continue to be updated as new lenses enter the market), and better control on lens thickness. The customer service and technical support from Super Systems is fantastic."

Rolf Habig - International Optique - Kuwait
"We started using Fast Grind in July of 2002, since then we have had great support even being in a far away country. We can produce lenses in such a short period of time and the optical quality is comparable to all leading brands. We have higher consumer satisfaction especially for young children with higher plus powers and for presbyopes who need a multifocal urgently! We can easily control the center thickness for high powers by surfacing the lens to a smaller diameter.I can recommend Fast Grind to those who want to exceed customer expectations when it comes to speed and also to reduce lens cost. It is an excellent addition to any workshop considering its size and easy-of-use."

Mike Kelly, Park Hill Optical
“But in this dog-eat-dog world, you have to find your niche, your edge, and FastGrind is ours!”


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