*While supplies last or until October 31st, whichever comes first

Diamond Hand Edger
$295.00, $154.00

The Diamond Hand Edger is belt driven with a diamond impregnated bonded wheel. Replacement wheels also available...

Eye-D Progressive Lens Identifier
$249.00, $110.00

The Eye-D Progressive Lens Identifier easily identifies laser engravings on progressive lenses. Eliminates errors in fitting progressive lenses by providing a clear view of the etchings...

$695.00, $560.00

The Lensmeter offers an external reading, prism compensation and a range of Plano to +-20 diopters...

Auto Lensmeter – ALM-93
$1395.00, $1340.00

The Auto Lensmeter-ALM-93 measures single vision, multifocals, progressives and contact lenses. Offers full color touch screen...

$295.00, $240.00

The pupilometer offers cornea reflection light coincidence method, digital display, battery operated with auto off after 1 minute...

Hot Air Frame Warmer
$139.00, $100.00

The Hot Air Frame Warmer is Compact and quiet. Creates instant heat with no warm up delay, and offers infinite heat control...

3G Digital Drilling Machine
$1095.00, $912.00

All operations totally digital. Once measurements are taken the drill movement is completely automatic...

Assorted Drill Bits for Multi-Functional Rimless Drill

Set of 10 assorted drill bits...

$345.00, $238.00

The polisher is a user friendly unit. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to use and to then bring a brilliant finish to a lens edge...

Ultra Sonic Cleaner CD-2800

Ultra Sonic Cleaner NH-2800

Auto Groover
$395.00, $204.00

Grooves lenses down to 22mm vertical dimension Improved angle of cutting wheel guarantees steady grooving Choice...

Lens Transmittance & U.V. Tester

Measures U.V. & Visual Light Transmission.Checks for Radiation Resistance...

Speede Blocker

Enlarged screen for ease of viewing. Unique horizontal and vertical adjustments. Accublock......

Frame Warmer

Thermostatically controlled. Non stick recessed pan...

Glass Beads

5 lb. Container.

Regular (Small Beads): $21.50
Large (Large Beads): $64.00


Compact and submersible. Can pump 150 GPH st 1 ft...
150 GPH Pump : $94.21
300 GPH Pump : $149.12

Water Solenoid

Converts edgers from pump to fresh water. Keeps edger much cleaner...