How to Increase Your "In Office" Lab Profitability And Customer Service At The same Time:

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Step 1.) What is the cost from your lab for a pair of CLEAR & AR Premium Progressives?



Your cost for the premium ADDVantage HD Progressive with FastGrind!


Step 2.) How many pairs of CLEAR and AR lenses do you order from your Lab per day?

Your daily per pair savings


Your MONTHLY Lens savings with FastGrind! (based on 22 office days/month)



Step 3.) How many customer Rx's could you retain per month with the ability to offer same day service?
Step 4.) What is your practice's average profit for a pair of frames and lenses?

MONTHLY profit from retained customers




Return On Investment Analysis

Average cost of a FastGrind system:


Potential equipment payback:

(Based on $27,500./$ per month)

After paying off your FastGrind, it will continue to generate profits year after year:

(Based on $3,950.88 X 12 Months)

Return On Investment

Industries statistics indicate that 45% of profit for an independent practice is derived from the Optical Dispensary. The addition of FastGrind will enhance this profit center by:

  • Saving thousands of dollars on lab bills
  • Attracting more patients with faster service
  • Control over finished quality of lenses
  • Increase patient satisfaction and referrals
  • Grow your business and profits.

Today's optical consumer (mainly Baby Boomers) have grown up with fast service from food to shopping. They have become accustomed to fast eyewear service (single vision). Now that they are requiring progressive lenses they expect the same service. DON'T LOSE THE SALE AFTER THE EXAM BECAUSE OF SERVICE!

FastGrind pays for itself and then some! Based on the above calculations, FastGrind will generate profits of $ per year! This will allow you to pay off your FastGrind in only months!

Tax Advantages

Save up to 35% on your FastGrind purchase. Under IRS section 179, up to $25,000.00 of equipment purchased can be expensed (deducted from taxable income) in the same year that it is purchased and placed into service.

Monthly lease payments can be expensed.

Check with your accountant to see what tax savings you are eligible for.